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Technical Assistance Offerings

Improving Teacher Preparation Across Texas

CTAPP offers a variety of tailored supports for Texas-based educator preparation programs (EPPs). We focus on change management and change measurement processes for Texas alternative certification programs (ACPs), as we strive to improve novice teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

We use an individual transformation plan to address each ACP's areas for growth by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced educators. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of our ACP partners, but also help them develop successfully and sustainably. These individualized transformation plans inform our technical assistance offers, which are tailored to meet the needs of each ACP partner.

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Transformation Fellowship

CTAPP's Transformation Fellowship provides a three-year, hands-on, support model tailored to the individual needs of our ACP partners. No two problems are exactly alike, and we believe that differentiating our approach yields greater results for novice teachers and their students alike. 

The Fellowship includes collaborative coaching sessions, professional development opportunities, peer-learning networks, strategic planning sessions, and learning webinars from experts in the field of teacher preparation. Additionally, ACPs participating in our fellowship receive funding to implement innovative, high-quality programming to support novice teachers. 

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Routinized Site Visits to ACPs

We believe that to know the work is to embed yourself in the work; for this reason, CTAPP prioritizes regular visits to each ACP partner (both virtual and in-person) to share and understand your lived experiences in developing novice teachers. In order to support your work, we strive to work alongside you and your staff to better comprehend the many strengths and opportunities for growth that will advance your program.

All Site Visits will vary in nature depending on the needs of each ACP partner, but typically our quarterly trips will center on improving coursework, shadowing clinical experiences, and joining leadership meetings or strategy sessions. By becoming experts on your program, CTAPP will be best equipped to provide suggestions and to solve problems related to your current challenges. 

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Data-Driven Decision Making

In order to drive the strategic decisions to improve ACP programming, CTAPP offers a robust approach to collecting and using data. Starting with the Selection Process, we will gather multiple data points on your current programming to assist in naming the areas which will help propel your program into its next phase. 

We strive to use data both equitably and transparently to help ACP partners understand and tackle the goals for transformation. Improving data systems can be an immense task for already busy teacher educators and ACP leadership, so CTAPP provides data plans and customized support in order to implement and operationalize data streams that provide valuable insight to support teacher preparation.

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Our Models

CTAPP provides technical assistance to Texas-based educator preparation programs to improve the quality and effectiveness of their teacher preparation programming. Click below for more details, research, and specific elements of our technical assistance (TA) or teacher preparation (TP) models.


Teacher Preparation Model


Technical Assistance Model

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