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Raising Hands

Why CTAPP Exists

Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Texas currently has a teacher shortage crisis. There is a lack of quality teacher candidates to meet the demand of school district hiring. As a response, Texas has created an environment that promotes autonomy for alternative certification programs and this culture has allowed alternative certification programs (ACPs) to thrive in the state of Texas. As the demand for Texas teachers continues to grow, we must begin to shift our focus from simply growing more teachers to growing more high-quality teachers.

We believe that improving the quality of alternative certification programs in the state of Texas will improve academic outcomes for Texas children. By partnering with Texas-based ACPs, we hope to provide high-quality technical assistance to support the implementation of a rigorous, equitable teacher preparation model aimed at improving the quality of educators in classrooms across the state.

In transforming the quality of Texas-based ACPs, CTAPP will become the pace-setter for excellently preparing ACP novice teachers and in turn, impacting teacher development and educational outcomes for all Texans.

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