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Our Goals

High-Quality Programming

Frequent coaching & application-centered coursework.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Robust change measurement processes to assess effectiveness.

Effective Teacher Educators

Developing instructional leaders who deliver awe-inspiring results.

Responsive to PK-12 Districts

Placing the needs of richly diverse school districts and communities first.


      Goals: Our Strategy for Teacher Prep

At CTAPP, we believe that better prepared teachers persist in the field longer. By creating robust talent pipelines for richly-diverse novice teacher candidates, we strive to provide school districts with well-equipped educators ready to assume leadership from their first day in the classroom. By investing in rigorous, equitable teacher preparation, we will ensure that future generations of Texans will have access to an excellent education. To realize this goal, we must tackle the current teacher shortages with urgency and strong will. Classrooms cannot remain vacant or under-staffed; our students deserve better.

Using the tenets of a high-quality teacher preparation model, CTAPP will be able to collaborate with Texas-based ACPs to transform programming that will impact novice teacher candidates, and eventually, the PK-12 students they will teach. Together with ACPs, CTAPP will ensure that where there is a need there is also a way to identify, recruit, train, support, and retain teacher talent. 

Deeply rooted inequities have no place in our public education systems. We all share a common goal: to create culturally-responsive, equitable learning spaces for Texas's children. CTAPP believes that the first step in this process is reflecting on how we prepare our novice teachers to enter these critically-important spaces. 

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