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Teacher Preparation

Offering a Robust Pathway for Novice Teachers

Clients often approach CTAPP with a general idea of what they need, and many others need help pinpointing the catalyst for change. We use CTAPP's Teacher Preparation Model to drive our programmatic changes at EPP partners. Comprised of 8 tenets, the Teacher Preparation Model articulates high-quality structures for ACPs ranging from coursework and coaching to partnership collaboration and teacher educator training.

CTAPP's Teacher Preparation Model
Working Together

Technical Assistance

Transformation Planning & Leadership Development

CTAPP technical assistance offerings range from strategic planning sessions to leadership development for EPP management and teacher educators. Through a data-driven approach, CTAPP crafts an individualized transformation plan tailored to the needs of each EPP. Technical assistance programming serves to achieve those individualized goals articulated and agreed upon by EPP leaders.

CTAPP's TA Model
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