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Center for Transforming Alternative Preparation Pathways

Enhancing the quality of educator preparation through ongoing technical support, centered around putting teachers and students at the forefront of teacher preparation. Let's realize your goals and shape the future of education together.

Expert Guidance and Support

Unparalleled expertise, resources, and best practices, ensuring they lead the way in training effective educators

Innovative Solutions and Strategies

Tailored innovative solutions and strategies, aligned to program needs to achieve goals efficiently.

Community and Network Building

Access to valuable connections and collaborative learning to enrich programs and practices


"CTAPP's support has been absolutely essential to our program. From overall strategy, to specific tools, to professional development, CTAPP equips us with just-in time support that helps us stay on track in the present, with an eye on the future."

Lesley Guilmart, M.Ed, Officer of Secondary Education at Harris County Department of Education


Why Partnering with CTAPP is Essential for EPPs


In the dynamic landscape of educator preparation, staying ahead requires more than just expertise—it demands innovation, collaboration, and access to a robust network. Partnering with us is not just advantageous but essential for EPPs.

Our center offers extensive experience and expertise in educator preparation, providing tailored guidance, comprehensive support, and proven strategies for program excellence. With our focus on cutting-edge solutions, we empower EPPs to address challenges effectively and achieve their goals. Additionally, partnering with us provides access to a vibrant community of peers and experts, fostering meaningful connections and enriching programs through collaboration and shared resources.


In essence, partnering with us is more than a strategic decision—it's an investment in unlocking the full potential of your educator preparation program. Together, let's embark on a journey of innovation, excellence, and transformation in education.



Resources accessed, including guides, kits, and best practices


Students impacted annually through Transformation Fellowship


Partnership satisfaction from educator preparation programs


Current Ongoings

Stay connected with the latest CTAPP updates! Review recent blog posts, published articles, and other exciting news related to our technical assistance and Transformation Fellowship. Check back here for our latest happenings, or simply subscribe at the bottom of our homepage to receive the latest happenings directly in your inbox.

CTAPP is Recruiting New Fellows!

We are seeking Texas-based Alternative Certification Programs for our Summer 2024 Cohort of Transformation Fellows! Check out the link below to access the Readiness Application for EPPs seeking to join our fellowship. If you'd like to learn more, sign up to attend our Informational Webinar on February 8.


If you want to learn more about our current Transformation Fellows, check out our Projects page. 



Contact us and find how our technical assistance can benefit your educator preparation program, novice teacher candidates, and PK-12 students! 

CTAPP is currently seeking partners for the 2024-27 Transformation Fellowship. For more information, reach out to us or review our Frequently Asked Questions

Center for Transforming Alternative Preparation
Pathways (CTAPP) at Dallas College
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