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Transforming Teacher Preparation.
Accelerating Teacher Growth. 
Impacting PK-12 Student Outcomes.

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Why We Exist

CTAPP believes that a better prepared teacher will persist in the field longer. In partnering with excellent educator preparation programs, we strive to create robust teacher preparation pathways accessible to all candidates, specifically those serving in communities with richly diverse PK-12 student populations. 

At CTAPP, we firmly believe that all teacher candidates deserve access to equitable, practice-driven preparation to ensure day one readiness. Together, CTAPP partners with educator preparation programs to implement a high-quality, sustainable teacher preparation model aimed at increasing teacher effectiveness, diversity, and retention.


Upcoming Events

  • Transformation Fellowship: Finalist Interviews
    Transformation Fellowship: Finalist Interviews
    Thu, May 06
    Zoom Interview
    May 06, 10:00 AM – May 12, 2:00 PM
    Zoom Interview
    CTAPP will notify Transformation Fellowship Finalists of their Interview date and time to take place during this window.
  • Transformation Fellowship: Application Deadline
    Transformation Fellowship: Application Deadline
    Wed, Apr 28
    E-mail Submission
    Apr 28, 5:00 PM
    E-mail Submission
    Remember to submit your Readiness Application for the CTAPP Inaugural Cohort of Transformation Fellows!
  • Transformation Fellowship: Readiness Application Workshop
    Apr 01, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Zoom Webinar
    CTAPP will review tips and best practices for a successful Readiness Application submission. Feel free to bring questions or submit them in advance!

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